Home Care Vehicles for Elderly & Senior Transportation

The ability to drive is one of the greatest freedoms that a person can have. However, with age, one does not have the same vision and physical capability to drive. Fo20140615_142148r the elderly giving up this freedom feels as though they are losing a part of their independence.

If you have an elderly parent, who finds it difficult to drive, Home Helpers transportation services can be a viable option for them.

According to the community of Transportation Association of America (CTAA), there are about 26 million elderly people who cannot drive themselves and are dependent on other people to drive. It is estimated that by 2030, the number of elderly drivers aged 85 or over will increase to four to five times than its present numbers. CTAA predicts that in the coming future accidents related to elderly people will increase triple fold by 2030 due to the increasing number of elderly drivers. It is imperative to educate your elderly parents of the risks associated with driving. HHBoiseCars_lg

 As a concerned family member it is important that you are aware of the signs that they might show indicating that driving has become too difficult. Most elderly people suffer from cataracts, loss of peripheral vision, and macular degeneration among other vision problems and are advised not to drive. If your loved one suffers from a decline in their vision, attention, or reaction time then you may want to consider alternative transportation.

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